Private Case Management services do not replace the work of County or Private Case Workers or Personal Agents.  We established relationships throughout the region with many of these resources and we look to bridge the communication gap that can occur between families and these organizations.




Individual Case Managment


Services are designed to help individuals and their families continue to navigate and coordinate the financial, government, and legal programs associate with disability.  This process can continue after primary caregivers have passed on or are no longer able to care for their loved one.


Federal, State and County Benefits Coordination

Assistance with Applications and Continuing Paperwork for Public and Private Programs

Strategic Meetings with Professionals (Attorney, CPA, County Case Worker, etc.) 

Inquiries Made on Behalf of the Individual, Family or Subsequent Caregivers



Public Benefits


Assistance with applications, annual reviews, re-certification and appeal processes for eligibility of public benefits.



ABLE Accounts

Medicare, Medicaid





Private Benefits


Assistance with research for eligibility and availability of private benefits. 


Private Health Insurance



Subsidy Programs




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