Let's talk about how we get paid.


We have a skillset, and we charge for the services that we provide.  We do not want fees to stand in the way of getting you the help you need.

Clarity around fees and how they work can be elusive.  We work to keep our fees simple, honest, and transparent.  We will explain how we are paid at the onset of all our relationships.  

In our relationships, we utilize a “pay as you go” arrangement.  We earn your business every day.  We help you run a lifelong financial plan and portfolio than builds to multiples of any fees we may charge.

Lastly, we believe that should we decide to part ways, all parties can agree that they have benefited.  You can walk away at any time knowing that you are not leaving money on the table.  



A Fiduciary Commitment

We strive to always act as fiduciaries. We are committed to recommendations that best benefit you and we are bound by our professional associations to do so.  More simply put, our advice will always be in your best interest.  As brokers and advisors, we often offer access to the tools that we recommend.  You are free to use whomever you prefer to implement these tools.



Fee for Advice

Our best relationships begin with an ongoing consultative approach.  Both parties benefit from the relationship as it grows. In the case of Special Needs Consultation, we are willing to work with your current financial advisor, should you already have one.

Payment often involves an annual flat fee paid on a monthly basis.  Pricing varies depending upon the work we are doing, but often does not exceed $100/mo.  When consulting clients choose to become full financial planning clients, and we begin to manage household assets, the consultation fees may stay the same, be absorbed into advisory fees, or be eliminated altogether. 



Investment Advisory Management Fees

When you choose to outsource your asset management to us, we will be your point of contact for every aspect from investment choices to account maintenance.  The fee schedule shown below is our standard fee structure.  Client fees can vary depending upon total household assets and consultation services provided.

  • Brokerage Accounts less than $1,000 – Trading Fees Only
  • Advisory Accounts - $1,000 - $50,000 – 1.32% Total Fee 
  • Advisory Accounts - $50,000 - $100,000 – 1.19% Total Fee
  • Advisory Accounts - $100,000 - $250,000 – 1.15% Total Fee
  • Advisory Accounts - $250,000 - $500,000 – 1.13% Total Fee
  • Advisory Accounts - $500,000 - $1,000,000 – 1.11% Total Fee
  • Advisory Accounts greater than $1,000,000 will have a custom fee structure.

Total Fee consists of Advisor Fee plus administration and platform fees  We will provide full details of all fees at any time.




Solutions that we may use will pay a commission to us as an advisor.  These commissions will come from premiums paid to the companies that provide those solutions.  Commissions will be disclosed and are scrutinized by our trade review group.  Examples of solutions can include: Life Insurance, Long Term Care Insurance, and Annuities.



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PPS Custom Program (Platform) Account clients will pay an annual management fee, as outlined in the breakpoint fee schedule below. The management fee is negotiable, billed quarterly, and, unless otherwise agreed, shall be based on the value of assets in the Account.  In addition to the annual management fee, PPS Custom Program clients may pay platform fees, administrative charges, and miscellaneous account fees and charges, as described in the Master Services Agreement (MSA) or PPS Client Agreement (as applicable) and Commonwealth's ADV Part 2A Brochure.