Have you been searching for planning that relates to your disability?  

Have you found that not many people can answer your specific questions?

Are you frustrated as you navigate legal, financial & government programs?


You have questions.  We find you answers. 





Our group believes that disability is a matter of perception.  We give respect to those we serve by believing in their value as people, and are grounded in the belief that people are defined by what they can do, not by what they cannot do.  We are proud of what our clients bring to their families and to the world around them, and we accomplish great things together through Effort, Empathy, & Kindness.


Who We Are

In the Coulee Region, and much of the Midwest, we have found that families struggle to find help with navigating the legal, financial, and government programs that come with living with a disability.  Quantum Group was launched in August of 2019 as a financial planning partner for those families and individuals. Our vision is to create an easier way for families to understand and choose what benefits will most positively impact their loved one's life.




What We Do

Quantum Group is a comprehensive financial planning firm that focuses on traditional and special needs planning for individuals, families, and employers.   Our group guides clients through the following areas that  surround self-advocacy and/or caregivering.




By assisting families with their planning, we provide access to information and specialists to help identify the appropriate legal, financial, and government programs.  Our process helps identify the vision of each family and their loved one.  Together we create a tailored plan to help the individual reach their potential of an inclusive and full life.


Our Planning Process


What do you want to get accomplished?

What are your biggest frustrations?

Do you want to solve those problems?

Help me understand current assets and public benefits.

Help me understand the needs of your family.


A Recommended Plan

What steps do we recommend?

Financial planning, benefit planning, life care planning

Are you willing to take those steps?

Family planning that coincides with your Special Needs Plan


Implementation & Action

What is our "To Do" list and what is our timeline?

Leverage planning partners (Legal, CPA, Trustees)

Applications, beneficiary assignments, & signatures


Client Review & Consistency

Review family vision and goals

Adjust planning strategy for new events

Adjust for income needs, legal needs, living space changes

Review beneficiaries, POA, Guardianship & Rep Payee Assignments


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