Special Needs Planning


We help families and individuals with a disability diagnosis navigate programs available to individuals experiencing physical, intellectual and developmental disabilities (I/DD).  We provide financial planning and advice exclusively tailored to you and your unique situation.




Life Care Planning

A Life Care Plan is a tailored road-map focused around the person experiencing a  disability.  It incorporates everything from Special Needs Trusts, and Government Benefits like SSI and SSDI, to IEP's, Housing, Employment, and ABLE Accounts. 


A Life Care Plan is created to help bring together all of the important people and programs involved in caring for you or your loved one.  This plan is intended to span multiple generations. It is to be used to help guide successor caregivers as they care for you or your loved one after you're gone.


A Letter of Intent

An LOI isn't a legally binding document, but it can be an important part of a special needs plan.  Also known as a "Letter of Instruction," it is a guidebook reference for future guardians and caregivers of your loved one.  It can be an important companion piece to a speical needs trust or an ABLE account that ensures assets are used to best supplement your loved one's quality of life.  


A Letter of Intent should regularly be updated to keep information current every year, or as things change in the life of the beneficiary.  Examples wold be new schools, diagnosis, medicines, benefit cash flow, etc.  The document is a living one - never complete but as up-to-date as possible. 

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